For many, it’s the most difficult time of the year!

In a season that’s meant to be merry and bright, for grievers, it can feel extra isolating. When everyone else is joyful, for a griever the holidays highlight everything in their world that has changed, everything in their world that is missing. Navigating this contrast can be exceptionally challenging.


If you know a griever, understand they are most likely struggling much more than you think. Don’t put extra pressure or expectations on them. Do give them the gift of compassion, kindness, and gentle encouragement.


If you are the griever, be patient with yourself, and give yourself the grace to navigate this season as you need. Seek support from those who understand and accept help. Do the best you can, and know that is enough.


One way to keep your loved ones close even though they are not physically here is by honoring them. There are countless things we can do to remember and honor them. Some of these rituals we do out in the open, like those big gatherings where we share stories and celebrate their life. Sometimes they are in religious ceremonies, and sometimes it’s we do things in private, just for us. Whether it’s the big, shared moments or the small, private ones, these rituals become a sort of therapy. They remind us that, even though someone might not be with us in the way we want them to be, the love and connection we share are not going anywhere. I believe there’s no right or wrong way to do this, It’s about doing what feels right for you.

To spark your creativity, here’s a list of 50 ideas that might resonate with you. Remember, it’s all about finding your unique way to keep the love and connection alive.


1. Capture sensory memories by journaling your experiences with them.

2. Engage in their favorite activity or hobby to feel closer to them.

3. Recreate or order their favorite dish to savor and reminisce.

4. Teach someone else something they taught you.

5. Write a list of values they passed on to you.

6. Write a heartfelt letter from their perspective, imagining what they might say to you.

7. Wear a memorial bracelet engraved with their name, a quote, or a meaningful symbol.

8. Complete any unfinished projects they left behind.

9. Share their recipes, attaching their name to dish titles for a meaningful touch.

10. Compile a memoir highlighting the special moments from your relationship.

11. Craft a playlist of music that resonates with their tastes and preferences.

12. Raise a toast in their memory during family gatherings.

13. Contribute to a cause they believe in by donating in their name.

14. Create a personalized trinket, like a collage or decor item, in their memory.

15. Advocate for policy changes aligned with causes important to them.

16. Create a grief-inspired artwork or painting to express your emotions.

17. Visit individuals or places that were part of their life story.

18. Create a memory garden for them.

19. Volunteer as a grief mentor, offering support to others experiencing loss.

20. Share motivational insights on grief to help others facing similar struggles.

21. Compose a song or lullaby dedicated to their memory.

22. Plant a tree as a living tribute to their legacy.

23. Create a book of cherished memories.

24. Dedicate a shelf to showcase their beloved book collection.

25. Watch their favorite movie, finding comfort in shared cinematic enjoyment.

26. Advocate for projects or movements connected to the cause of your loss.

27. Volunteer for a cause that held significance in their life.

28. Create a photo with their handwriting overlay.

29. Create a personalized trinket, like a collage or decor item, in their memory.

30. Browse through old photos with loved ones to reminisce about shared experiences.

31. Build a memorial bench or structure in their honor, providing a lasting tribute.

32. Keep a cherished belonging of theirs close to feel their presence.

33. Design a shadow box or keepsake featuring their cherished belongings.

34. Use phrases or expressions they used to say.

35. Plan a gathering to share fond memories and stories.

36. Visit someone or the people who knew them.

37. Create a memory jar filled with notes and mementos honoring special moments.

38. Write a heartfelt letter from their perspective, imagining what they might say to you.

39. Travel to a destination they always dreamed of visiting.

40. Join a grief support group to connect with others navigating similar experiences.

41. Wear their favorite scent as a comforting reminder of their presence.

42. Visit their hometown or the place where they grew up.

43. Paint a grief-inspired artwork or painting to express your emotions.

44. Share their photos.

45. Pause, notice, and recognize moments they loved: such as a beautiful sunset.

46. Make a memorial website.

47. Start or continue a tradition in their memory, fostering a sense of connection.

48. Transform their clothing into a quilt, preserving their essence.

49. Write a song or lullaby about them.

50. Light a candle in their honor.

Remember there’s no one-size-fits-all in this journey, and it’s all about finding what brings you comfort and solace.