I want to share a personal experience that resonates with the journey we often take when navigating the intricate landscape of grief. It’s about the power of traditions – both old and new – and how they can become threads that weave our stories together.

When grieving, cherishing the traditions that link us to our loved ones can be a very important part of healing. These traditions, be they simple or elaborate, create a bridge between the past and the present, helping us find solace and connection. But, it is also important to create new traditions, in doing this you gently intertwine new traditions with the old ones and this will enrich your life in unexpected ways.

One tradition that has taken on new significance in my life involves football – a passion shared between my late husband Collin and my 14 year old son Elijah. While I wasn’t initially part of this ritual, I chose to embrace it, recognizing that it held a special place in their hearts. This past weekend Elijah’s favorite team played in our town. I was lucky enough to secure us two tickets, so Elijah and I went to the game. Of course, there was the sting of my husband’s absence but I also felt a profound sense of connection to Collin’s memory and a newfound closeness with my son. This experience has reaffirmed the idea that traditions are not fixed or static. They have the power to evolve, adapt, and merge. As a grief coach, I’ve witnessed firsthand the healing potential in allowing ourselves to create new traditions that honor our loved ones while nourishing our own souls. It’s a testament to the ongoing relationship we have with those who have departed, as we find innovative ways to keep their spirit alive.

It’s not lost on me that finding the balance between old and new traditions isn’t always easy, but it does help to foster healing and growth. This is part of what I coach my clients on in my grief programs. We focus not just on grief, but also on rediscovering joy and embracing life again, and honoring the memory of your loved ones.