Navigating life after losing someone we can’t live without is an incredibly complex and bewildering journey. The longing for their presence can be so intense that it takes our breath away, leaving us feeling empty and incomplete. We find ourselves grappling with emotions like jealousy and envy when we see others with the very thing we have lost, wishing we could have it back.

The future becomes a source of confusion and fear as we struggle to envision a life without our loved ones.  It’s as if we are standing at a crossroads, unsure which path to take, feeling lost and unsure of ourselves.

Grief is a deeply personal and emotional experience that can be challenging to comprehend unless one has experienced it firsthand. The depth of emotions and difficulties that come with losing someone who played a significant role in our lives can be hard for others to grasp. This is why I established my RISE grief programs, as I couldn’t find the support I needed after becoming a widow. Turning to life coaching, I underwent a transformative process and then pursued my own life coaching certification in an accredited program.

My education on grief, loss, and bereavement began during my nursing school days, I learned how to apply that knowledge as a pediatric critical care nurse.

My own grief journey began when Collin received his leukemia diagnosis. Determined to RISE, I immersed myself in learning more about grief and loss. I enrolled in grief courses, read extensively, and joined online grief classes.

Drawing from my background as an RN, a widow, and a grief educator, I offer a unique perspective that blends professional expertise and personal experience to support others on their grief journey. My purpose and passion is to guide others through their grief, helping them move forward with hope and resilience while treasuring the memories of their loved ones.